What even is Ambi-dexterity? Ambidextrous individuals have the unique ability to use both their left and right hands with equal skill. This trait often translates to improved hand-eye coordination, better problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and increased flexibility in tasks requiring manual dexterity.

In fields such as art, music, sports, and surgery, ambidextrous individuals can have a competitive advantage due to their ability to switch hands seamlessly and perform tasks with precision.


I’m one of the least famous ambidextrous people currently alive. I’m 36 years old and I write exclusively with my left hand. However, I hold a computer mouse exclusively in my right hand. Nothing special, right?

Consider this:

  1. I love won competitive PC games.
  2. You hold your computer mouse in those games.
  3. I currently belong in the top 3.6% of all Valorant players (proof)
  4. With minimal practice, I have 73.7% win rate.

I used to play Counter-Strike, where I held the highest competitive rank of Global Elite for over 5 years… before I got bored.
It is safe to say I’m ambidextrous.

Still not impressed?

I can perform any task requiring ambidexterity better than anyone I ever met. If you have a challenge for me, I’m all ears.

Give me 3 months and I will score 5,1/10 penalties against any goalkeeper on the planet. We are talking football, not hand egg.
I haven’t played Football in over 10 years.


Don’t be, in practical terms, ambidexterity on its own is not a superpower. If you want to test your ambidexterity, try doing something you were previously only using your right/left hand for a couple of months, say 3. Legs are hands too.

If you make significant progress in that time, congratulations, you are ambidextrous and you can forever claim you belong to a fairly exclusive club.