Let’s keep in touch!

This page is dedicated to touching. Before we get to the pleasant touching, allow me to share the most important rule of touching — never physically touch other people without their consent. It is such a simple rule… and yet some break it so often.

Do not touch the don.gl/e!

$ touch dongle
touch: cannot touch 'dongle': Permission denied
This incident will be reported.

Get in touch with the dongle

If you want to get in touch, you can simply write me an email. I’m also reachable on Reddit, Discord, and a plethora of other websites.
I prefer the old-fashioned email.

It would make me happy if you left a comment on any of my posts (not available yet for all pages). Be critical, but constructive.

Touching distance

I rarely meet people irl. If you want to physically meet me, I attend one or two WordPress slash SEO conferences a year. I will most likely be at WordCamp Vienna 2024 either as a speaker or a regular guest.

I enjoy 1:1 conversations a lot!
Talk to me!

C’est la vie!

There was never a meeting, that couldn’t have been an email.

Wayne Gretzky & Michael Scott


Oh, you scrolled. Brilliant.
You wanna touch base?
Ugh, fine… here is my email:

  • whatever@don.gl
  • huge@don.gl
  • tiny@don.gl
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