Tags are currently completely broken on this website. Sorry. I thought the links I was adding as self-referencing were in fact, not a correct way to do it. This is not doing my credibility any favors, does it…

Here, I made a tag cloud for you:

als bad crazy credit done draft embarrassing emergency err exp garbage hero huge image key kiss later link love lpt mad nifty nohomo nonotes ok opt poor pub re ready redacted sad salt seo server bomb silo tag tags thin todo tsf vivaldi weak wip wontfix

Tags explained

I am using tags… to tag pages and posts, duh right? Sometimes, the tags even appear in a body of text.

  • #bad stuff that I once wrote and I already detest it. These things need more than a rewrite, they need to be rethought, recategorized, and rewritten.
  • #fresh ≈ articles I recently rewrote based on comments or other outside knowledge; usually because someone hated my piece enough.
  • #done ≈ rarest tag of all, the shiniest Pokémn. Pages I am happy with.
  • #bug ≈ a noticed a bug in software or reality. This tag is mainly for me, but I will use it also to tag various bugs I find in KDE and generally Linux.
  • this needs to be revisited and possibly rewritten completely. I use this tag a lot. Anytime any of my pages feel weak or gets too much hate, I just add this tag
  • if I wrote this in the middle of this point, I took a break from writing a particular piece just to jump on writing another page. For example, I created this page while writing my first blog post.
  • just like “next” in Agile Software Development.
  • errand, housekeeping aka. editing, fact-checking, formatting.
  • errand, housekeeping aka. editing, fact-checking, formatting.
  • a magic place in time and space that is avoiding me.