SSmart goals

I will greatly expand this page later, this is early alpha WIP. I minored in project management, I know Windows Project Manager, Asana, Trello, OpenProject, and Quire… I know agile, I wrote wikis in confluence… I did the whole 5 years.

The single most important thing in project management is having ssmart tasks (goals):

  • Sustainable, we added this today with Tony. Him and I, we are starting a non-gov non-profit to save the planet. No biggie and also story for another time.
  • S
  • M
  • A
  • R
  • T

Btw, I’ve put the extra S to the top deliberately. Sustainable solutions are the most important thing on our collective environmental to-do list. If you see other symbolism in that, get your mind out of the conspiracy gutter.

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