Do you want to sponsor me? I will be real with you, I accept almost anything, I am poor. However, there are brands that I proudly link to without them giving me anything.

These are often things I bought with my hard-earned cash. If you see the name of your company on the list and want to seriously sponsor me, I will wear your stuff, use it, eat it, bop it, twist it, show it on the camera, write about it, and give you a ton of backlinks.

You could say I am a bit of a sponsor myself, that is why

Dongle is officially sponsoring

  1. Nothing Phone 1 (owned since 2024/01/XX) is quite literally the best Android phone on the market when you consider price & performance. I will write a dedicated review of all my nothing stuff.
    • The specs of a high-end phone, great camera, amazing design, amazing apps, no bloat, and the light on the back is actually surprisingly useful.
    • Oh… and the phone is just so cool. It is not boring like any other Samsung or iPhone. It is something not nothing; that is why I bought it. I also got the CMF Buds Pro and it is the same story. Swell job Carl please send me free stuff I’ll promote it Pei! Now I just miss the orange watch, which is not yet available in Czechia. Like… I was never fanboying over anything this much!
  2. Literally all vegan fast food and vegan substitutes to meat
  3. Patagonia -check
  4. JustEgg
  5. Patagonia
  6. JustEgg
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  • Check if Patagonia is truly a sustainable company. In fact, research all of the companies mentioned again, properly.
    Be pensive here.