Yeah, throwing that plastic bottle in the bin is an illusion created by big soda to make you feel like you are doing your part. In reality, those plastics all end up in the oceans or we ship them back overseas to poorer or more greedy countries that are willing to store them forever.

Because that is how long it truly takes for plastics to decompose. One. Plastic. Bottle.

450 years

I do not know about you, but I produce at least 3-plastic bottles worth of other plastics in a day. It is insanely low by European standards, yet at the same time, insanely high cost for the environment.

Remember, every lie imposes a debt to the truth.
Throwing plastic bottles in the bin is not recycling.
It is what we call the bare minimum effort.

Can we all do a little better?

  1. Reuse, repurpose, and repair
  2. Recycle and upcycle
  3. Buy new stuff

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