I am obsessed with this website at the moment. It is 2:27 in the night and I am still writing… I tried to go to bed an hour ago.

I turned off the PC, and cleaned my teeth.

But… I remembered I forgot to pay the bills and I had to turn the computer on and when my browser opened, I saw 300 opened tabs, went to Reddit, HN, Youtube… and paid those bills.

I leave the chodes (feudian slip lol, I mean chores) to the absolute last possible minute before the deadline.

I do not respect deadlines.

Deadlines are just validation with extra steps.

When I worked in a corporate job, I hated the term ASAP because it means nothing and more importantly, almost all of the shit I was responsible for was not actually time sensitive.

Nothing happens when I write the report tomorrow, Debra. However, if I do not pay my bills there will cut off my Internet and my phone. I still pay the bill at the last possible minute… I should change that.

Doing something this lame before I go to sleep gives me that little bit of satisfaction, that I did some responsible adulting. This way I can put the day to rest happy.

It is now 2:36 and I am going to sleep.

It is now 5:24 and I never went to sleep, maybe soon.