Motivation REWRITE

What if I told you, motivation does not exist. Would you believe me? Almost certainly not.

Highly motivated motherfuckers

What if the most technically proficient drummer currently alive would tell you motivation does not exist? Would you believe him?

He can tell you why in 13 minutes himself in Spanish with English subtitles, you should 100% check it out!

TLDR? Discipline. That’s it.

Deep dive

I learned about El Estepario Siberiano roughly 5 days ago. I already watched all of his videos and also a bunch of great reaction videos. I was drawn to his skill. I made the O-face. Here is what we can all learn from him.

Let’s set the mood, and dissect one of his popular covers:

How impressed are you?
Well, if you are a drummer, you will probably say he is Michael Jordan of drums.
If you are a hack like me… it is good but is it really the best? It is.


Notice that in that video there are 4 drumsticks. 2x in the song he plays with 3 sticks in his hands, have you noticed it? Would you notice that special pedal if he hadn’t told you?

No? Work on your observational skills.
It is ok, I haven’t noticed either.
At first.

I will greatly expand this page in the future since I love music, remixes, virtuosos, rappers, and music in general.

For now I can tell what makes El Estepario Siberiano the GOAT, is the effort, and the sheer amount of work. More importantly, Estepario has a killer taste.

You know how we can add drums to pop song like Blinding lights and not completely oversaturate it and overtake the groove? He knows less is more.

Dont get me wrong, he does absolutely insane shit in the video above and he can very likely add even more sounds and be even faster… but would make it a better song.

The good news is, that everyone has taste for something. Add work and Vuala, you are the best.