I wake up every morning with a can-do attitude because I know exactly what I want from life. Sadly, I have to


I am a modest person. One day, I would love to get paid to:

  1. Save the planet Earth, mainly the currently collapsing biosphere. Seriously.
  2. Help veganism even though I am technically vegetarian
  3. Any effort against fast fashion, buy it for life products
  4. Desalination, de-trashing
  5. To not work, I am lazy.


What’s the point of life? Wealth? Fame? Legacy?

Wikipedia page.
I am easy to please.
Or am I?

It needs to be written by someone whom I do not know. The caveat is that I want to be known for doing one good thing. I haven’t done such a thing… yet.

Needless to say, it is a long-term goal.

Other minor stuff:

  • Write a few words about all the talented people I met
  • Write a terrible article that will reach the top of Hacker News
  • Make 100k for my mom’s retirement before she gets there, I made 0 towards that goal in 2023, so I have to step on the gas on this
  • That means roughly 10-exing TSF revenue in a year, or two
  • Ask real Donald Glover to pass on @donglover Twitter handle
  • Live the rest of my days in peace, that stuff is not granted, it is a privilege

If you want to help me reach any of this for whatever reason, please touch me.

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