My workflow is pretty simple, I remix information. This is my playground. I want to write a hip-hop song and I am far away from being able to do that.


I will try to describe the process that allows new stuff to just flow out of me.

  1. Listen to a lot of music, ideally all of it.
  2. Jot down all rhymes that I felt were the best part of the song
  3. Put it in a loop
  4. Put a lot of work into it
  5. Shit the best rap song of 2024
  6. Emmy

Sounds easy right? I expect this to take hundreds of hours.

What I stole so far

Asio, ty vole asio, ptali se mi jestli me to baví asio
Pak se Pptali se mě jestli se mi daří asi
Koukni na ty davy, já bych řek že .

Anderson .Paak’s last song on tiny desk, fire. Suede.


Rhyme suede, with Bonsoir?

I should sparkle some linux on this shit:
I am always open source, the whole world can use me
So I can build a better world with all my gnomies