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Sky is the limit.

When you type-in, I see 404 errors in my logs. The more errors I get, the more people expect me to cover a particular topic. It literally can’t go tits up.

It’s a clever way to be /lazy.


This will be a long-ass article about a lot of people and a lot of things, I’m refactoring this as I go. There will be dick jokes. In fact, let’s start with a big inspiration that led to me buying this very domain.

The funny version

But first: What made me pick as my brand?

Huuuge motivation for purchasing this domain, I love my

Dick jokes, science, comedy, friends, and people who pretended on screen that they are actual friends. I love that all of them just zoned in and got into the flow state. Dumb, fun, almost science. No notes.

What I saw in that video, is a bunch of different unique pretend nerds trying to do programming. I know they are actors, but those guys are good actors (looking past their personal lives). They are great.

A lot of tech bros should watch this video and maybe jerk off every morning before trying to sell people their SaaS bullschiit.

What I took from this video, somehow:

  1. Ask yourself why
  2. Dick jokes are science
  3. Eureka moments exist
  4. The End

I understand this might not be for everyone… so I will try to motivate you with a different video and absolutely horrendous book full of bullschiit.

The short version

If want to know how I’m hyping myself to write thousands of words every day in just 2 minutes, look no further than Ira Glass. It’s the universally linkable likeable succinct video about getting shit done. For me.

Mr. Ira Glass on Creativity

I heard Ira’s voice cracking in that interview.
He means it.
And it is sage advice.

Anytime time I get stuck I play this video, maybe a couple of times. I love how Ira can give succinct advice on both productivity and creativity in just 2 minutes. No notes… except…

I think the only thing you missed is reminding people to drink lots of water and take a lot of rest… I surely wish I did.

Ira, if you ever read this page, know that I would love to get an opportunity to talk to you one day.

One day, I will have my 2-minute video.

The book

Now that I have shown you guys the short and sweet motivational videos, there is also a 1000-page-long book, I wholeheartedly recommend:

Schiit Happened: The Story of the World’s Most Improbable Start-Up.

It is an extremely long-winded bullschiit about all audio equipment you can possibly imagine with gold woven all through it. You have to dig a lot, though.

Written by Jason Stoddard. Massive big nerd.
True nerd, not I-watch-Star-Wars nerd.

It is a book I have never seen recommended, anywhere. It deserves a shout-out. It is not a great book. It is a good book. It is trying to be good, and it is… but it is sooo long.

This book is about audio. I use headphones from Alibaba.
I do not care about a lot in this manuscript.

It is just fun for me to read about highly specific technical business, that is not VC bullshiit. People who have passion are just fun to observe.

Of all the productivity books in existence, I will forever be recommending this one. Until I write a better one.

The risks Jason took… the sheer hilarity in naming a company Shiit. It’s bananas!


To sum it up, The Story of the World’s Most Improbable Start-Up is worth reading.

  • 10% of it can be applied to any business
  • 10% to businesses with physical goods
  • 60% is deep monologues about audio
  • 20% is filler (I know you know it Jason)

Jason, make this 100 pages and you can make, I don’t know, 60 million dollars. Also, I would love to be a guest on your stream sometimes, idk, talk marketing and audio.